Presto caratteristico op. 24, 1823

by Rodolfo Alessandrini and Sara Bartolucci
Composed in the early 20s, this is a short and brilliant piece, that would in itself be enough to define the style of its author. Although the writing does not reach the difficulties that Czerny requires in the Sonatas and Concerto, this Presto is evidently intended for fairly advanced pianists.
We must think that the Viennese instruments of that time had a low register that could not boast the sound mass of modern pianos, but had a very pronounced clarity that allowed to clearly distinguish the melodic bass without stifling the other parts; for this reason, certain sections of this Presto may be a bit confused and abundant in the Secondo part: it will be useful to consider in some cases, lower octaves in relation to the characteristics of the pianos of the time to make the polyphony more transparent.
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