Complete Sonatas Vol.1 [Critical Edition]

by Rodolfo Alessandrini and Sara Bartolucci
The cataloging of Pleyel's four hands Sonatas is not an easy task. All this work needs to be based on the aforementioned text by Rita Benton (also Cameron McGraw’s research, in his " Piano Duet Repertoire, " is totally based on this book in an attempt to synthesize a complete list of these Sonatas).
Unfortunately, Rita Benton registered the entire four hands corpus with a terse "All Works in this medium are Arranged", limiting herself to listing the various editions of these, connecting the opening themes to the corresponding orchestral or chamber works.
Benton herself must have found many difficulties in the classification of these works, so much so that she was finally forced to omit the tone or the traces for identifying with certainty some compositions, and at the end of her list she listed (almost raising a white flag) twenty (!) " Unidentified Duos " whose titles clearly haven’t the exact characteristics of any of the previous ones.
In short, Benton's catalog, despite being a valuable tool and extraordinarily detailed, isn't able to be entirely conclusive about this argument if we must to try to reconstruct the entire corpus of these four hands Sonatas or Duets.
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