Sonate (quasi Fantasie) op. 1, 1871

by Rodolfo Alessandrini and Sara Bartolucci
Anton Urspruch (1850-1907) is today almost forgotten, but he was a piano virtuoso, friend of Brahms and Clara Wieck, and he became one of the favourite
students of Franz Liszt in Weimar. Pupil of Lachner and Raff, he reached in Frankfurt and married the daughter of the famous publisher August Cranz.
He wrote any genre of music: chamber, piano, solo voice, choir, and also large orchestral works and two Operas. In the last part of his life he was very interested
in the Gregorian Chant, and he was received as a relevant authority by the Pope Pio X in 1906 for discussing about the future and the reform of the Chorale,
during a trip in Italy in which the composer met also Sgambati, Respighi and Perosi.[...]
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